Coingaming Team of the Year 2020 - VIP team

Coingaming Team of the Year 2020 - VIP team

The VIP team has gone above and beyond to demonstrate its commitment to the company vision.

Coingaming Team of the Year 2020 - VIP team

In our annual Coingaming Award Ceremony, the VIP team got selected as The Team of The Year 2020. This small yet highly productive team has gone above and beyond to demonstrate its commitment to the company vision.

Despite the challenging year that made everyone rethink their working conditions, the team of the year managed not only to maintain their numbers and goals but exceed them multiple times. They grew their numbers, doubled their customers, and on top of that, they managed to keep the users in the very centre of the Coingaming universe. The VIP team manager, Rimma Jürgenstein, explains how they managed to reach the Moon in the year 2020.

Like many other teams, the VIP team struggled with the same issues during the year 2020; to move to home offices, trying to keep the communication and support for each other on the same level as before. As Jürgenstein explains, what kept them together and going, one thing rises above any other, and that is trust. It is trust towards your team members, it is a trust that everyone will keep the quality in their work to guarantee the best solutions to the customers, and it is the trust to understand that no one from the team is left alone.

When they started to work from home, they had daily calls and made sure that every team member got support and help if needed. As they noticed that it actually doesn't matter where they work and everyone has each other's back, the daily calls became less needed. This change didn't mean less communication or not helping the coworkers. Jürgenstein wants to highlight the importance of being available at all times and understanding that there are people, your team, behind your screen. As easy it is at the office to ask something or comment, it needs the effort to make it happen from home. Jürgenstein feels that to make this happen; it is essential to keep the video on during calls and share things from your daily life other than just work.

One of the VIP team's key elements has always been to provide quality, exclusivity and, of course, the best gaming experience possible. That was something that had to be maintained throughout the year. Jürgenstein is exceptionally proud of how her team managed to keep their standards while growing their customer base.

"It is our Coingaming culture that hard work is noticed and people feel valued. There is a trust given to us to create, and people can grow within the company, and with the company - synergy, I call it. You want to achieve more; nothing can stop you from doing so", Jürgenstein says. For her, the trust to be innovative is the thing that brings motivation, and lack of that kills it.

About the future, she mentions that the team is incredibly proud of what they managed to achieve in 2020 and the recognition they got in the awards. However, they know that despite the impressive numbers they delivered, there's always room for improvement. The whole team knows where they want to be in 2021 and are on the same page regarding their goals and working towards them.

"We are a strong team, and nothing can take that away", Rimma Jürgenstein smiles.