Yolo Group restructures business verticals and senior team

Yolo Group restructures business verticals and senior team
Maarja Pärt, CEO of Yolo Group

Yolo Group has restructured its business verticals and bolstered its management team to prepare for the next stage of growth for its rapidly expanding ecosystem of B2C brands, B2B products and venture capital investments.

The company, known for bringing next-level innovation to the worlds of gaming, fintech and blockchain, has announced three new key verticals as part of the restructure:

  • Yolo Entertainment, comprising B2C brands including Bitcasino, Sportsbet.io and other joint ventures.
  • Yolo Platform, the Group technology layer, provided on a B2B basis and to internal brands, which encompasses products such as the Hub88 content aggregator.
  • Yolo Investments, the venture capital arm with an AUM of more than 500 million euros across a range of gaming and fintech investments.
“This restructure is a crucial step to ensure that our growth is managed consistently across the diverse range of brands, products and services we’ve built up over almost a decade,” said Yolo Group CEO Maarja Pärt.

As part of the restructure, Yolo Group has announced the appointment of Matthew D’Emanuele to the new position of CEO of Yolo Entertainment. D’Emanuele previously served as CEO of B2B software provider Eastrock Group and Director of Operations at Gaming Innovation Group.

Elsewhere, Jose Micallef steps up to Yolo Platform CEO from his previous role as Managing Director of Bombay Online. Meanwhile, Joe McCallum takes a seat on the Yolo Group supervisory board.

“I’d like to congratulate Matthew, Jose and Joe on their promotions and new positions,” continued Pärt. “These structural changes signal a significant shift in the Yolo Group mindset, with all our business verticals becoming autonomous. With each functioning as a separate business and supporting our wider mission, we’ll be even better placed to keep our customers at the centre of the universe.”