Drop in For a Chat with Sportsbet.io’s New Club Talk Feature

Drop in For a Chat with Sportsbet.io’s New Club Talk Feature

Sportsbet.io is inviting users to its new Club Talk room, a game-changing chat function where its community can talk sports while discussing and sharing bets.

Club Talk is now live at Sportsbet.io, and can be accessed on desktop and mobile from the bottom right corner of the screen.

It is already home to a thriving community of Sportsbet.io users, and has also welcomed several guests from the Sportsbet.io team, who’ve dropped in to join the conversation.

Club Talk will also be the home of interaction between Sportsbet.io's community and featured guests and celebrities in the sportsbook's new streaming series Behind the Bet. Customers will have the opportunity to contribute to live interviews and talk directly with stars through the Club Talk forum.

Ahead of the European Championships, which kicks off in June, Club Talk users will enjoy exclusive promotions and bonuses not available anywhere else on Sportsbet.io.

Joe McCallum, Director of Sportsbet.io said: “Club Talk has quickly become a lively hub of discussion about everything from the latest sporting action to the hottest betting tips. Sportsbet.io users have jumped at the chance to get involved, and we’ve built one of the most welcoming communities around.

“With a big summer of sport ahead, including the European Championships, Club Talk is the place to follow the action and share your views. And even better, we’ll be giving out some fantastic bonuses to those who are taking part.”

To join the conversation with Club Talk or find out more, please visit: https://sportsbet.io/en/promotions/welcome-to-club-talk-