Fun, Fast and Fair: How Coingaming Measures Up

Fun, Fast and Fair: How Coingaming Measures Up

In celebration of International Women’s Day, our PR & Sponsorship Manager comments on how Coingaming compares when it comes to equality within the industry.

It’s reasonable to say that both the tech and gambling industries have never been championed as the fairest industries when it comes to equality within the work force. The tech industry is notorious for a lack of female representation, while the gambling industry’s use of women specifically within marketing has come under scrutiny on several occasions.

Since the last International Women’s Days significant strides have been taken, namely fueled by media scandals, global movements and simply a greater understanding for the need for equality, yet there’s still a way to go.

According to All In Diversity Project’s findings, only 19% of tech roles are filled by women in the gambling industry, 22.16% occupy ‘C’ Level or Director positions and just over a quarter of women surveyed fill a Head of Department position.

Picture credit: All In Diversity’s 2018 Q3 report

Then, as it is across the majority of industries, as women progress up the career ladder, the pay gap between them and their male colleagues widens.

Life at Coingaming however, is pleasantly different. A mixture of a start-up mentality, our passion for disrupting the space around us and Coingaming’s mission to be as fun, fast and fair as humanly possible has created an environment full of thriving people.

The Coingaming Group has no pay gap for equivalent roles, a relatively flat structure with a senior team supporting a strong female representation. What’s more, some of the highest salaries are earned by women within the group.

Though male developers outnumber female within Coingaming various initiatives are constantly being cooked up to facilitate a better balance; from switching up recruitment methods to empowering women within the tech space by supporting non-profits such as Django Girls.

Speaking as someone who crossed over from journalism to PR, Coingaming’s attitude towards equality at work was, and still is, refreshing and incomparable. Attitude matters, not your age. Capabilities considered, rather than ethnicity, gender or alma mater. Progression is purely reliant on your drive, skills and achievements within the company.

It’s great to be able to report that the board rooms aren’t boys’ clubs and different views on approaching the business are celebrated, after all it’s hard to be disruptive if we all were to think the same. Added to that, company initiatives such as the Management Development Programme empower and expose people to areas of the company traditionally less available to certain people such as business development, strategy and risk management.

Life at Coingaming can be crazy, we pivot quickly and can often be found completely outside of our respective comfort zones, but one thing remains, the company’s commitment to putting its people first and providing a truly fun, fast and fair place for pioneers to work together.