How to put Bitcoin in front of 3 billion people

How to put Bitcoin in front of 3 billion people

By Justin Le Brocque, Head of Sportsbook Marketing at

How do you put the Bitcoin logo into 1 billion households across the world, and in front of a cumulative audience of 3.2 billion people?

We found a simple answer to this question: place the famous logo on the sleeve of a Premier League football team.

Little can compete with the Premier League’s pulling power, and this season Bitcoin will be given significant exposure to soccer fans globally.

Back in June, announced a three-year partnership with Watford FC to become the team’s main sponsor. This deal sees our brand on the front of Watford shirts.

But we were also presented with an opportunity for a secondary sponsorship with Watford to place a different logo on the shirt sleeve.

This got us thinking about Bitcoin, education and how we can grow the wider crypto community.

It is a reality for all of us operating a business within the crypto space that one of the biggest limitations on the extent that we can scale is the rate of adoption of Bitcoin.

We have been involved in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin gaming space since 2014, and we launched in 2016.

The growth of in this time has been remarkable; the fact that we’ve landed a front-of-shirt sponsorship with a Premier League soccer team is testament to that.

Millions of people have joined the community, and are now regularly using Bitcoin.

The road to mass adoption

But our plan with was never to simply be the best cryptocurrency sports betting website. Our aim is to offer the best sports betting experience, full stop.

To do this, we need to bring in users who are not necessarily existing members of the crypto community, and this involves playing our part when it comes to education and spreading the word about the benefits of Bitcoin.

As one of the more established names in crypto, we see this as a responsibility.

Since the first emergence of blockchain technology, gaming has led the way in terms of a real-world use case that can support a viable business.

This is a two-way street. We have benefited and grown from offering the crypto community a product it can engage with and use its Bitcoin on. But we like to think we have encouraged more people into this space by delivering a fun, fast and fair experience that showcases what is possible with this technology.

Similarly, while we will benefit from more people learning about and adopting Bitcoin, placing the logo on the sleeve of the Watford shirt is also a way to give back to and strengthen the community that has helped us to where we are today.

This is the thinking behind our Bitcoin Watford Crowdfunding Shop, which gives the community the chance to purchase exclusive perks with Bitcoin. This includes everything from watching a Premier League match in style from our Bitcoin Box, to having your message displayed to millions watching around the world on an LED sign during a Watford match.

Every satoshi raised from these sales will go towards promoting Bitcoin via our partnership with Watford.

Taking the next step

The journey we have been on together over the past few years has been nothing short of staggering. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have grown to a scale few predicted.

But taking the next step, whereby Bitcoin and this technology is an everyday part oflife for ordinary people, is perhaps an even greater challenge.While we hope our small gesture with Watford will help, we understand that the priority remains building use cases that deliver tangible benefits for users that would not otherwise be available without the technology.

This is what we have been doing for the last few years. Now we can use our position to share the brilliance of Bitcoin with even more people.

So, if you don’t already have an allegiance in the Premier League, Watford FC, the team showcasing Bitcoin to the world, could do with your support.